Maddie Cakes

"Life is short, eat the cake"



22552531_10210861976647218_6561707293626577680_nScreen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.19.08 AMHey, My name is Maddie and I am the owner of Maddie Cakes! As a young child, I always remember baking and cooking with my mom. As I have a very close family, we ate dinner together almost every night. My mom, dad, and brother always tried to make that something special we always did as a family. At the age of around 14, I started making cupcakes and cakes for family events and for my friends at school. It has just grown and grown into this being my career! As I went to high school at the Early College in Davie county, service projects were part of our curriculum and I decided to use my love for baking and my love for a friend to do my service project. That’s when “Cupcakes for a Cause” started! One of my classmates in high school had cancer and was unable to attend school for a period of time. I decided to sell cupcakes at school during lunch and use that money to give to her family for any expenses that incurred during this time. Lunches turned to school events and it became larger and larger. From this point on is a blur! Once I graduated, I decided I wanted to work in a bakery setting to see if that was something I would like to do as a career. After working for 2 years in the baking field, I decided I not only wanted to work in a bakery but I wanted to own my own! I decided to attend Western Carolina to get my Bachelors in Entrepreneurship to gain a better perspective on owning and running a successful business. After two years of school and a couple baking jobs later, here we are today! I can honestly say that I do not regret anything that I have done because it has gotten me to the point that I am at today! With the love and support of my wonderful family and friends, I am happy to announce the opening of Maddie Cakes in December of 2017. I hope that you enjoy all the delicious goodies that are baked at Maddie Cakes and hope to see you all very soon! XOXO, Maddie!