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November 28, 2017

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First blog post

Hey everyone! I am so excited to show everyone my new store located in Advance, NC. We are going to offer a variety of goodies every day from pies to cakes to banana pudding. Our menu is going to be forever changing to keep our customers coming back for new and exciting treats. Along with our baked goods, we are going to offer savory items as well. For breakfast, we are going to offer quiche, energy bites/bars , cinnamon rolls, and breads. Lunch items will include; Chicken salad and pimento cheese croissants, as well as a daily soup . Thank you for all the continued support everyone has shown and we look forward to seeing very soon! xoxo, Maddie!


One thought on “First blog post

  1. We have missed our gatherings at your welcoming spot! It’s our Happy Place to gather.
    We’ll beat COVID-19 and return!
    We’re ordering our favorites to take home!
    Hope to see you soon!


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